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  • Happy New Year from the Artist!

    A New medium for 2024!
    As many spray paint artists know, spraying in cold weather just doesn’t work very well. I live in the North East so winter weather often prevents me from painting. This year I decided to try something new in my downtime, painting with watercolors. I am still experimenting with this new-to-me medium and you will start to see some of my work on the website. I hope you enjoy these new paintings as much as I enjoy learning to paint them! Here are a few of my first watercolor paintings…

    ParrotSea TurtleBeach GrassHummingbird

    Newsletters are coming!
    For those of you that have signed up to my mailing list, I am finally going to start a newsletter. In addition to keeping you up to date on my new works, these newsletters will include special offers for all of my subscribers. I don’t run sales that often, but if you are on the mailing list you will receive special coupon codes that can be applied to any purchase.

  • A word from the artist

    Artist blog – July 9, 2023:

    It is hard to believe that my online store now has over 300 paintings for sale!
    You may have also noticed some improvements to the website. I have setup a shop page that allows you to search for paintings by category, price range, keywords, or even in stock items.
    I have finally setup a mailing list so that I can keep my customers up to date with new paintings and specials. I plan to send out an email just once a month so you don’t have to worry about getting spammed. If you haven’t had the chance, please sign up so that I can ensure you don’t miss any of my new artwork.
    While you are here, make sure to check out my new category for laser art, I have been able to achieve some pretty cool detailed artworks on a variety of media with spray paint and lasers.

    Artist blog – September 11, 2021:

    Today marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11, let us never forget. I know I never will, I still remember that solemn day like it was yesterday. While we observe this day, let us all take a moment to reflect on the lives lost and the bravery of our first responders who sacrificed their lives to save others. And yes, I did paint a remembrance flag today!

    Michael Hillenbrand
    Steel City Spray Art

    Artist blog – September 1, 2021:

    Thanks for checking out my work and visiting my online store! While you are here, please make sure to check out my About page which outlines how I got started working with spray paint and also has a gallery of past works that either sold or were done on commission. If you want to shop, please use the “Shop” link on top If you know what you are looking for, you can use the filters on the left (or on the bottom on mobile devices). This will allow you to search for a specific category or keyword.

    All of my pricing now includes free shipping within the continental United States!

    If you have any questions about my work or my process, or if you would like to see me paint something specific, please use the Contact page to let me know.

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